Monday, July 16, 2012

Leading a creative path..

 Two weeks ago I lay here, up on the mountain under the apple tree, I painted and wrote in preparation for my first plein air creativity workshop....

 Under the apple tree I saw that in order to "teach" creativity I will always need to be actively creative, which means I will always need to be constantly engaged in my fear, in vulnerability and imperfection. Curiosity and Courage lead me forever onwards. (That is my prayer)
 My students beautiful work....

My first plein air creativity group participating in the workshop titled "The courage to be".  It was truly beyond anything I could have imagined or hoped for-rippling deeply for us all.

 Me taking a day to rejuvenate in between...and then the amazing germantown artist studio tour I organized!!!!
Hello Fellow Fabulouso G-Town Artists!!!
Here it is our official Art Studio Tour schedule 

Inline image 2
Prism Women Series, Cell 2 by Dana Gentile
13" x 8.75
So here is the lowdown take two:
JULY 14th
1pm we meet here at my house(228 main st) and drop off our Potluck BBQ Booty & Drinks, and then we jump into wheels and cruise to our first Artist Studio-reminder this event is only open to invited studio artists(you) and your art buddy's of choice, in other words this isn't public(yet).  Please note that the schedule is not the same as the first tentative one, I adjusted it according to the actual studio address's for our ease and comfort:)  Also please note that the studio visits will be brief in order for us to all be accommodated in one glorious afternoon!

1:15 Dana Gentile 
Steven Renolds & Pamela Wallace 
Lyndsey Brown 
3:45 Melora Kuhn
4:30 Michael Eudy
Dawn Breeze 
6:00Julie Carino  
7:00 PARTY
Studio 1-Dana Gentile

Studio 2: Pamela Wallace & Steve Renolds

Pam & Steve, who built their entire studio themselves!!!

Studio 3: Lindsey Brown

Studio 4: Melora Kuhn

On route...

Studio 5: Michale Eudy (He won the award for smallest studio-amazing!!)

Michale and his wife have created an apothecary herb farm from seed!!!

Studio 6: Dawn Breeze

Studio 7: Julie Carino ( I am so sad I do not have an outbuilding picture-at this point in the tour we all practically had heat stroke-so I will have to go get a picture to fill in!)

Here we are!
Yesterday I took my darling Sunny on an adventure....

 I will be participating next week in another studio tour at the Henry Hudson Studio's which will be an event alongside and promoted with NADA Hudson....

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