Sunday, March 04, 2012

Work in process

This painting was the one you saw me working on outside a couple weeks ago with a big furry brown spider.  Its finished now.  It's aprox 4.5' x 5'
I went to an exciting workshop yesterday at Double Edge Theater.  It was a two hour "intensive" open training session, which basically meant a physical training session with the theater ensemble.  I had no idea what to expect, I wanted to participate in a physical art and wanted to try something that would be uncomfortable and a stretch for my body and mind.  It was a success in both those categories!  Basically it was an intense physical and psychological "follow the leader" moving and improvising with about 50 people in a barn.  FUN!
I also went because I have been developing a piece in my mind since November that has started to look more like a dance performance with multiple people in it.....something for the future:)

One of the things a member asked me was if I was a dancer and my answer was , "NO, but I did dance for 14 years of my life."  He responded: "Sounds like your a dancer then."  I wondered why I said no?  Is it because in order for me to be a "dancer" I need to be a ballet dancer, or dance 5 days a week, or be on a playbill?  Hmmm......It took me until I was 27yrs old to say I was an artist, it's funny how hesitant I am to claim all of me and all that I love to do. 
I took artist Gretchen Kelly to see the installation it was almost a black and white day.
I am working again in the studio (and out of the studio too!)  I think I am on to something all though I'm not sure what that is yet, and everything seems a bit awkward, which I believe is a good sign.  I thought I would share some pictures of work in process...this may change a lot still, right now its breathing and I will check it out tomorrow....
This is aprox. 4.5feet  x 7.5feet

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