Monday, March 19, 2012

New work, New Ideas, Spring has sprung

Portrait #1

Portrait #2

Portrait #3

The last two weeks have been art filled...I am happily working in and out of the studio-it seems I use the studio building more as a storage shed and when the weather is good I start by pulling everything outside on to the lawn and working 'Plein Air'.  I like the feeling of the weather on my body when I create and prefer natural light.

I went to the Armory Show last week.  This was my favorite piece in the show and not surprisingly its from Iceland.  What I like so much about it is the blending of color, light, simplicity in form but complications by chance reflections, found object with made objects, sculpture but painting....also now seeing it with my new work I also see a connection

by Olafur Eliasson
I am learning how to make paper, which is thrilling and I believe it is a match in heaven for me!  What I am most excited about is the transformative qualities-that it takes one thing (cloth) and then through a process of disentegration it transforms in to another element or object (paper).  It is a concept that I work repeatedly with in my artwork but this is not an illustration this is the real thing.  It reminds me of baking.  How through a hands on process you transform elements into a new and edible form.  I'm so excited!!!!!!

I was on a GREAT radio show last week, speaking of my WORK.  It is archived and you can listen here. The whole show is an hour long (I'm probably about 20 minutes?) and I highly recomend listening to it.  Its by Paul Smart at WGXE and its about art & work, or artwork.

work in progress, beginnings of ongoing projects.....

Spring has sprung...
I'm starting a 'map' of all the lost graveyards I find....for a future project.

Painting in progress since last year! I've brought it out and started working it again. The thing of it is that I like the details more then the whole painting, because they are so graphic and so I need to keep working it still....its also about 7ft by 6ft...its a big one.  There are all kinds of things in it, acrylic, oil, blanket, kimono, yarn, flowers.....
Detail #1
Detail #2

Happy Spring!

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