Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A day that doesn't happen often

I have created a new installation that is currently available to observe at the Germantown Nature Conservancy in upstate NY.

I have been envisioning this piece in various forms at this location for over a year but yesterday the pieces all came together and just like the year-I leaped in to action.  I am pleased.  This Video is from my walk today.

I am waiting for the title to become clear and in fact I don't have much to say about what the piece is exactly.  Its five "dress-up" dresses half-way hanging on a clothing line and half-way underground (or buried) in a spacious hidden field.  The strange part for me is that it makes sense without having the defintion of what that sense is. 


Me & my helper

Starching the Victor Costa to be hung to dry

I am excited to watch this piece these next couple days.


Gretchen Kelly said...

Beautiful installation. I love all the angles that you shot. I would like to go there.....

Five and Diamond said...

I Love this, Dawn!

Five and Diamond said...

I Love this Dawn! Happy Birthday!