Friday, February 03, 2012

Today I found a galaxy growing in the mud

I have so much beauty to reflect on, so much so that I will need to post a bunch this coming week. This past week has been so exciting and inspiring between an epic visit to NYC where I saw so many of my favorites, screening my film at the Masters On Main St. Film Festival (It won the Peoples Choice Award for best experimental film!!!!  HURRAY!!!), starting new paintings and new gallery arrangements here (Stafford Contemporary/totally amazing director: Melissa Stafford) and in Italy(The gallery is opening in March, I will update with links then).....But I thought to start reflecting with today's beauty,  I found a galaxy growing in the mud.

This little video is raw and unedited.  Listen closely.  One of the best things I learned in Iceland was the magic of stopping, watching and listening, magic happens when you stop and slow down enough to see what you see, hear what you hear.  I think more and more this is what my art is about; what already is.

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