Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Easy Does It

 The harder it is, the easier I must make it.
   I am beginning again with simple daily actions.  A daily drawing.
  Noticing (and noting)
what I see.


Gretchen Kelly said...

I took a mental note of that same wall with spiney ivey myself, the other day!

jola said...

I am very struck by the beautiful photographs you took. They remind me of watercolor, gouache & ink paintings I saw the other day, by Elizabeth Bishop (link below). The "No Parking" signs, for example, which you included in your image, are reminiscent of Bishop's "For Sale" tombstones - details that I imagine one might usually be inclined to edit out. On the contrary - in both your images and in Bishop's, such quotidian details are both noticed and deliberately noted - the truth of that inclusion lending its own particular beauty – the beauty of particulars - along with subtle notes of irony as well.

I'm glad that Gretchen 'noted' the spiney ivey, which I hadn't initially noticed, as I lingered in apprehending the composition as a pleasing whole: the simple blocked shapes, stuck together like colorforms or a pasted collage; the muted palette, white fields counterplayed with varied lines and points of black; spare punctuation marks of orange - two tiny dots & a flourished dash. Then too, there are the subtly expressive elements, such as the haphazard interplay of fenestration, including a mysterious pair of portals like eyes, entirely open to the elements and sky...

Very beautiful!

Dawn Breeze said...

Thank you Jola for your beautifully articulated note! It was so considered and such a pleasure to read-and to know someone like yourself took a moment to appreciate my post is so wonderful! Thank you:)