Friday, September 12, 2014

The secrets found in materials

Dream Catcher, 2014, 22" x 18", Styrofoam, Encaustic, Gold Leaf, Dress Pins, Silver Thread
Detail of Dream Catcher

The piece above is one that I'm working on--it might be complete, but I am giving it a little bit of time to be certain it is?  I normally don't work with as recognizable figure elements or drawings, and frankly I don't really like them in my work or other peoples.  However, I keep seeing the figure outline in my head for some work I want to make, so I thought I would just try it.  My first reaction is "gross, but I know that whenever we see something unfamiliar instinctually we are repulsed or intimidated.  It takes us time to better understand our reactions to whats new.  I am going to allow myself to suspend judgement with this work and continue on until I understand my truth about it. 

Yesterday, after feeling "grossed" out by the piece above, I went to the Dorsky Museum in New Paltz.  I thought it would benefit me to look at other peoples art--to see what I liked or disliked and why.  It was a wonderful experience.  One show was contemporary Hudson Valley Artists and the other was more an educational show about an artist foundry.  Both exhibits were exciting to view and both shed some light on my question of "what do I like in art and what do I dislike".  What I noticed was that I am drawn to process, material oriented, experiential work--work that still has traces of all three of these elements in the final outcome. I enjoy work that is layered in story, or meaning.  Below are some pictures of the pieces that interested me at the museum.
Untitled (6 types of metal) Joe Shapiro 1969

Wave Hill Flower Diary, Linda Stillman, 2013

Untitled (Bunny), Dick Polich, 1969
*** This piece was just an example of a mold for the Bunny, the bunny being the piece of art--but I am enamored with the mold!  It has me thinking...

Paperwork, Angela Voulgarelis, 2013-2014
**I was really curious as to why the artist left the backside of this sculpture "undone"--I would assume that it is done--but it doesn't appear to be.  I don't think of Sculpture as having a "backside" there is all sides to be considered.  However, in this piece there was clearly a backside based on the way the sculpture was set up when you entered the space.  I hoped to read an artist statement but there where none available.

Untitled, Douglas Navarra, 2013
I enjoyed the affect of the painting on the found paper and the image reminded me of one that I am currently holding for reference material for upcoming work--see below.

Remnant of 'Jenny' poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti c. 1864

And SOOOOOO exciting my new art materials just arrived via fedex!!! Rue plants!!!!!  You will be seeing these in work to come......

Rue arrived!!!!

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