Monday, September 08, 2014

Iceland, Germantown, Homeland Diamonds

The beginning of a new piece, I had thought I would be starting it in Iceland--where I had learned to knit.  However, it's beginning in my home.  Size 50 knitting needles and muslin, here we go...
The online studio sale was a huge success and I thank you for your support.  The unsuspected news is that I did not end up going to Iceland or Baer Art Center as planned.  A threatening volcanic eruption halted my journey.  Luckily, my airline ticket is good for a year and I plan to try again sometime in the spring.  This summer has been teaching me about limberness amongst other major life lessons, which will surely find there way in to my upcoming art projects...

Meanwhile, I have begun a rigorous new schedule this semester; balancing teaching, parenting, making art and being a student.  I have decided to experiment with taking some college classes.  As an experiment, there is nothing known or certain, it is simply an experience that I am trying on; exploring an interesting learning experience that will surely inform my work as a teacher, parent and artist in some new and unexpected way.  Hurray for new experiences!

My time management skills are also being tested with this new-full-maximum-super-duper-full schedule.  So far I am noticing that since I have such limited "free" time, I am being scrupulous with what I choose to do in it. I enjoy seeing myself sharpen my determination of what is truly of value in this moment in time.   Maybe diamonds will be formed in this kind of pressure.  It's an experiment.

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