Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Website, New Hands

I have been working on refreshing my website this summer and I am very pleased and proud to announce that it is up today!  Please visit the new website  It is beautiful.  I am most grateful to both know and work with Melissa Stafford @ Rare Machine.  It is because of her efforts that my website is no longer just a wish but instead a thing to be viewed by you.  We also worked together to create two catalogs from my most recent solo shows, they are available on my website.  I am looking forward to hearing your opinions of the new site.
Hands, 2014, 20" x 23" Encaustic, Oil, Graphite on Paper

Also-I have new Hands to show you from the studio!  The previous painting of hands(with the silver thread) that I posted earlier no longer exists.  It became the stomping ground for about 100 incarnations of "try's & missteps" but at last something has emerged.  Thank god--as I was becoming weary of the regurgitated stuff that kept appearing day after day on that tiny painting.  The whole process actually helped remind me that it simply is a process, it doesn't fit in to happens when it happens if you keep showing up for it.

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