Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Mount Everest

Piece Of Ocean, 2014

an idea of space between moments
collapsing, rejoining, moving
all knowing, unknown
communication everything

I have so much to share, say, much doing, being, returning, going--going on, onwards

Ever climbing my Mount Everest

I think Grad School--starting in two weeks at Goddard.  A new experience towards furthering my formal education, a dream for many years.  I do not have a BFA.  That story is many and long. 

This past season I went "back" to college, which felt more "forward".  Proudly, humbly attending classes at community college to learn more language and theory, and to practice different forms of articulating ideas.  I am honored to be on the Presidents list. I want an even deeper, richer, challenging dialogue and determined I was better suited for an MFA program than a BFA. I have found a program that is the right fit and I have been accepted in to it.  It sounds simple, perhaps it is, but it hasn't been.

To engage in dreams is thrilling.  Thrilling is the line between terrifying and exciting.

How short our lives are and how grateful I am to be experiencing dreams beyond thoughts.

A dear friend and fellow artist gave me an educational motto yesterday that feels accurate to keep as a guiding light.

“…. to embark upon a personal cultural evolution of Self” 

I am thrilled to be doing such.


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