Friday, September 13, 2013

Whats this need?

Detail of weaving project.  Summers scarf, silk shirt, 70's polyester shirt and the one she gave me.

Detail: White Rice that smells like recent laundry detergent, Vintage black lace, J.Crew, the one she gave me (or did I claim it?)

Detail: One of the shirts from the last months.

Its coming along slowly...a couple shirts a day.

I have been working at this daily and it is a very slow process.  I suppose in the slow process without a clear end in sight I hear all the questions and watch the thoughts move in and out of the ropes.  "What am I doing?"  "Why am I special?" "How many ways can I see Summer?" "Wow, it takes so long." "This is stupid, I am stupid."  "Should this become something else?"  "Is what I'm making just this?"  "What is this?"  "This is hard"  "I don't want to let her clothes become something else."  "I don't want her to be gone." 

I also knitted a scarf this week and started hand built coil pots....hand meditations, physical thoughts, touching the Autumn sadness, making something, being it.

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