Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First day back to school and back to studio!!!!!

Hurray!!!  My sons first day back to school means my first day back to the studio!!!!!!!  I am so ready and excited to begin working a regular studio schedule.  My studio practice is starting where I most love to begin-outdoors.  I have been inspired to build an outdoor loom of sorts and weave everything together (neither of which I have ever done-another favorite thing of mine, try something I have no idea how to do!)....when my son came home from school he asked me "What are you making?"  I said "A sculpture." S: "But of what?  What is it supposed to be?" M: "I don't know yet." S: "Your supposed to know, artists need to think too and know what they are doing." M:"I am thinking, I just don't know yet what it will become......

I love interweaving my ideas with reality, mixing baby lamb fur, wood, grandma's yarn, lace shirt, pink shirt, shadows, sunlight, grass, birdsong, rope, rythm.....present moment, past moment, becoming.

 All in a days work below.

Sunny off to school!  He caught a bullfrog-that's a good omen

Built it!

The best part of working with nature is having the chance to feel these little fibers between your fingers while examining the incredible designs from bug eaten wood, you just feel jealous about how good these bug drawings are!

Working my handmade bark waft wrapped in Grandma's yarn that comes from her loom days.

How fun it was to notice the design of the yellow mirroring the grass shadows while I went back and forth.

A little bit of everything

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