Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The rest of the 30 collages

I thought to share the remainder of last months collages.  I am thinking to continue on with the direction I fell most in love with.  I fell for the quite groups...I am really into exploring what shakes me up the most which is: "Enough"  where that point is in my work.  I am interested in stripping down to the "simple breath, the origin, the infinite space in openness"  all of this requires a lot of constraint and trust on my part-constraint of habit, habits that want to fill in all the space to be "enough", habits that want to work fast and furious. Trust; to trust my own affection towards the work is "enough".  Today I was lucky enough to be visiting with my neighbor who is also a painter.  We we're talking about her work in the morning at her studio and later in the day about mine at my studio.  I think as an artist that no matter what your subject or artistic investigation may look like, it always comes back to being the artist themselves. 



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