Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Receive-her-ship; a new creative space

My new creative work space (the beautiful paintings are by a talented friend Mona Mark)
Gliding on my 'Reciever Ship'. 

The other night I met with my regular 'girls'.  I have a creative support group that meets every Monday night.  This week one of my friends was discussing how she is in 'receivership' mode and how this feels and how she is aware of the opportunities being offered and how actually it is a difficult and new place to be.  While she was discussing this-I saw her get on board her 'Receiver Ship' and then I thought "ah...she is receiving-her-ship, she is accepting opening herself to the current direction of her heart and purpose.  She is still captain, but she is not willing herself everywhere, she is trusting nature and her skills and as a result she is gliding right now.  The difficulty is just the fear and the doubt, but her heart is open and trusting now.  I loved this visual of a 'Receiver Ship' that we can choose to board.  I've decided I too am stepping on board my 'Receiver Ship'.

Quite colorful neighbors, the building is in the center of a cemetery
On board this week I have received many gifts.  Most notably and coincidental,  I have been awarded a work space from a private arts endowment.  A beautiful large room full of light.  The room is an old classroom in a building now being used for working artists, formerly a children's school.  This gift was offered to me out of the blue this week.  No application.  The timing couldn't be more perfect!  I begin my autumn workshop series this week (which I am so happy to say it is at full capacity!!!).  I knew I would need to find a space for teaching in the near future, but also knew that my first two workshops would be outdoors and that would give me some time to find a place for the others.  What has been given to me is beyond my imagining of perfect!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude, excitement and inspiration.  One of the most beautiful things about this gift is that it is without restriction.  Yes, the form itself (a rectangular cube, windows on one side, etc)  is a restriction but otherwise it is open for my creative imaginings.  The person who gave this to me said; 'let the space speak to you, let it help inform its purpose' the space is a living canvas, limitless with possibility.  I feel so honored to be trusted in this way.  When I expressed my gratitude for this gift they told me 'You deserve this'.  That alone is a huge gift.  To be told I deserve to be supported as I am, doing what I dream to do is HUGE.  So often in life you are taught you deserve something when; you win it (competition), when you've sacrificed something you've loved....when you've painfully worked yourself to the bone...etc.  What if we all allowed ourselves to be who we really are and pursue what we really want to be doing and felt we deserved that?  How different would the world be?  Perhaps that is what getting on the 'Receiver ship is'.  Boarding your sailboat, with your name on it,  trusting you are deserving of this life's ride. 

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