Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Autumn Creativity Workshop Series

Following my wonderful teaching experiences this Summer I've decided to offer a new series of four workshops.  Below is a brief description, to read more and sign up for my new newsletter.click here
As of right now I have 4 available spaces and will be overjoyed for you to fill them!

Creativity & Courage

The Origin of Becoming. 
New: Autumn Workshop Series
Creativity & Courage to See September 22
Creativity & Courage to Listen October 20
Creativity & Courage to Be Whole November 17
Creativity & Courage to Love December 15
Each workshop will meet one Saturday a month from 2-5pm.  Weather permitting the first two workshops will be outdoors in beautiful Germantown, NY. The cost for the workshop series is $200 including all materials.  For questions and to register, email dawnbreezepaintings@gmail.com or call #917-622-5141.

Through exposure to a variety of artists, play and hands-on imaginative exercises, you will deepen your ability to express thoughts and feelings. Through your innate creativity you will discover new ways to problem solve, communicate and connect with both yourself and others.

This series is for each of you that want to explore your unique creativity in a supported and mindful environment, to be challenged to experience and examine your relationship to your existing thoughts and perceptions, and allow new ideas to emerge in surprisingly delightful ways!

Previous workshops students have said:
"I learned that I flourish in spaces of time devoted purely to creativity."-Nicole Smith Vidor, Life Coach

"This is a wonderful workshop, there were many ways to access our own knowing.  I left feeling stronger and internally balanced."-Alison Fox, Artist, Educator.

"By taking time out of routine thinking and actions and by giving myself the time and space for creative exploration, I became present for deep insights to emerge that perhaps were always present, but not overheard above the more habitual thoughts."-Gianni Iacono, Chef

"I was reminded of many things. It is really important to take time to smell the roses. If I don't take care of myself it is impossible to take care of others. I have learned this but must be reminded often. life is so busy and we don't seem to find enough time to nourish ourselves. this was a great opportunity to do just that."-Dana Eudy, Herbalist, Farmer

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