Thursday, October 04, 2012

Beauty Everywhere

I am in my dream, I am participating this weekend in the O+Festival in Kingston, NY, which is an amazing arts festival that barters art for medicine.  It is one of the best arts events I have ever had the honor to be included in.  The mission, the art, the music, the healers, the energy is 100% generosity, beauty and new.  I LOVE being included.  I began teaching my course in creativity this week at High Watch Recovery Center.  This was a heartfelt idea two years ago which this Monday became reality.  My class is being held in the founding building, which is the chapel and at one point was also the 'Joy Farm Art Center'.  Next week I will be moving in to my new studio and classroom in Hudson NY, which I mentioned before is an old schoolhouse that sits nestled in the cemetery.   This is where I will be holding my Creativity & Courage Workshops as well as making new artwork.   I feel supported by these new ventures and locations deep within the recess's of my heart, the same place that inspires my dreams in to being.  I am reminded of the many inspired spirits before mine that sat in these places to create and to give.

Above are just some pictures from the last couple weeks, work in progress, walks, classroom, reflections, findings....

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