Monday, July 30, 2012

Gignesthai, becoming....Monoprints, Artist Books

Blue's in the studio today
I'm still playing with printing, I am working on two little books-both re-writes of 'The Two Queens'.  Which are two found books that were originally published in 1874.  I am re-writing them by finding the words I want to keep on the page.  I have been doing this "finding" in different ways for a while, I think because it stimulates new connections and creative relationships that may pre-exist or not?  The prints below are very simple mono-prints....they could be anything I suppose, in their simplicity they have so much possibility of becoming something.  I am thinking of beginnings and ends-but that seems like a nonsense concept, how can there be beginning and end as two separate objects or concepts-since they are one and the same and really everything is flux.
Today I was reading some about Heraclitus an ancient philosopher and he used the word Gignesthai, which I had to look up.  The word is Greek for "becoming" and the word Genesis derives from it...then I started reading about Genesis and I love how science and philosophy use similar language for different then I ended on what was the beginning?

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