Thursday, August 09, 2012

Collaging Away!!!

Collage 1
I started a collage challenge-I joined my friends Facebook group 31 collages in 31 days.  I decided to join so I would practice a small daily creative something.  Admitedly at first it felt stiff and silly.  I felt as though I was just regurgitating material, uninspired and meaningless.  I was almost thrown off the horse.  But...but...but then all of a sudden (as does happen!) something tiny and exciting started happening out of the seemingly banal.  In fact the one collage that was doomed to destruction was the miracle worker...and I'm off and running with bells on my toes! 

I also saw that it is part of the process to start where I am familiar ("the banal, the old, flat..") and just to keep going through until the process leads to "what if.."

I am thrilled to be playing, I am thrilled to be fully immersed in an exploration that I don't know the meaning of yet?  I am fully in for the collage ride! 

You can go backwards below with the collages and see the progression.
collage 2

collage 3

collage 4

collage 5

collage 6

collage 7

collage 8

collage 9

collage 10

collage 11

collage 12

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