Saturday, April 28, 2012

A wonderful opening

 Untitled (for now...) 2012
aprox 26" x 20" (will check that tomorrow too, for now its a guess)
Hand made paper, muslin, acrylic paint, pastel, netting

This week I found myself in the studio wanting to do light work...simple, fresh...I am really inspired by all the green and chartreuse surrounding me in springs glorious rousing, and the landscape is enchanting I started working on a group of works on paper, paper that I made!  Last month I took a paper making workshop, which is definitely a process that suits me.

And that painting that I was loving before the show opened is actually rolled up and put away for a while...too heavy.  Right now I just want to blow in the breeze with the lightness of spring, in celebration of  birth, in life's awakening.

Untitled (also for now..) 2012
28" x 36"
                                                           Acrylic, Dirt, Grass, Seeds, Oil on Canvas
Thank you all who attended my opening last week, Enough at McDaris Fine Art in Hudson, NY.  It was truly amazing to see so many friends and people turn out for the opening.  I am truly blessed.  For anyone who missed it, the show will continue through May 26th and we are discussing presenting an artist talk at the gallery, about the process of my paintings, the book and Iceland.  I will let you know!

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