Friday, May 04, 2012

Abstract Painting w/Fabric & Hand Made Paper

16" x 22" (I think, perhaps bigger??)
Acrylic, Graphite, Handmade Linen Paper, Muslin, Pastel
I am amazed by the amount of time and effort it is taking me to make a small painting that appears so simple. I do think the scale is difficult being smallish, it feels like being inside a pen and your trying to get full expansion of your wings, but the walls keep your breath short. I wonder are they all going to take this long, or need so much work?  I'm not sure if its that I havn't been painting in so long or that something is trying to emerge...or I don't know?  I also think that there is something in the way I create that demands learning all over again with every single painting.  I don't have a routine or a "go to bag of tricks" or a theme-like portraits. Its funny because a friend and painter said to me "you paint abstract so it must be so much easier with so much freedom" but I disagree or it depends on how you define easy?  Easy yes because I paint freely but its very difficult to go forward without knowing where your going and when your ending vs. a plotted out painting.  Maybe one day each of these paintings will become a part of the "formula" and it will be easy to paint....maybe?
 By the way if you havn't seen the Gerhard Richter movie you should, he is an inspiration!


Abstract Paintings said...

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Dawn Breeze said...

Sure you can