Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank you for helping my dreams come true!

T h a n k YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallie Goodman, Claudia Frank, Wenonah Webster, Gretchen Kelly,

Dale Stewart-Frank, Kirin Buckley, LizFeldman Rice,

Oscar & Jenny Strodl, Paula Forman, Katherine Darling,

Melody Price, Amy Weinberg Paul DeMarchin,

Helen Anderson, Kristen St. Jean, Carla Sadoff,

Carrie Haddad, Wendy Mcdaris, Nancy Barber, Janet McClure,

Tabitha Grasing, Gabrielle Knight, Conamore Alexander,

Sarah Kilborne, Katherine Moore, Helen Sacco,

Timothy Ebneth, Robin Palmer, Walker Savage,

Cynthia Wright, Jennifer Mayer, Sanne Ameln, Set Editions,

Otto’s Market, Joseph Bartusis, Ann Moore, Susan Ball,

Mary Patterson, Kathe Izzo, Jessica Pisano, The Stewart family,

I have a week until I leave for Iceland. My bags have been packed with well wishes and support from you, my dear community (near and far!) The generosity and excitement I’ve received in response to my request for support has been beyond incredible. Baer gave me the chance to attend the residency of my dreams, but it is you who are giving me the opportunity to go. It is you who have given me the financial support now as well as the cheering and hurrah’s along my path. You are mamma’s, sisters, artists, art appreciators, friends, neighbors, friends of friends, you are my dream team and you are also my patronsJ Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There is still one week left to add your name to my list of patron saints, you can become a philanthopist for $5 or $500, I will publish my “Thank You List” with the program for my Iceland show this spring. Please visit my blog at to donate using paypal. Or you can mail a check to: Dawn Breeze 228 Main st. Germantown, NY 12526

The first 25 $25 grattitude totes have been given out! But the next 10 $10 donations or above will receive a homemade postcard from Iceland!

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