Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grow Your Dreams

I created a blog www.growdreams.com to tell my story and help raise some much needed funding towards my residency at BAER Iceland this summer. NYFA helped with a grant, my recent yard sale helped but I still need a bit more to make this happen. I've never considered asking out right for help towards my dreams as an artist, there's something so terribly uncomfortable about it. Perhaps its the idea that one must always work hard for what he wants and needing help somehow implies a weakness...but in this past year what I've learned is that no individual is a success alone-it is the support of the community, and the friends that believe in you who help you become your brightest shining self. I've had the great pleasure of helping others and witnessing their potential come alive with support and so I ask for you to put your hand together and help build my dreams too. We can do this for each other. We can help each other live our dreams. My success is as much your success!!!
I've hand silk- screened the cutest eco totes for the first 25 $25 donations to say THANK YOU!!!! Please check out my blog www.growdreams.blogspot.com and consider throwing your coffee change my way today, and making my dream come true♥

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