Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Blinded, fear walked out with courage
Collage Photo 9" x 14"

Today I was just thinking about what my fear looked like?
I think it looks like myself-perhaps a bit childish sweet and crazy. Like a child throwing herself in my way to trip or stop me in my tracks so I don't dare fail. This Fear child doesn't want me to get hurt feelings or hurt anyone else.
She wants to be felt.
I realize now that she likes it when I listen to her, then give her a hug and take her for the walk by my side, in hand. She doesn't go away, in fact she has always been with me. No matter where I go, she is there.
However so is her twin sister Courage. Courage is so much quieter, usually not in front of me but behind me, gently nudging me forward.
I think the two are one...non existent without the other.
How would I feel courage without feeling fear? Is courage any less painful then fear, or fear any less beautiful then courage?


Dawn said...

I love your insights and introspections. I would like to share this with my Intention group. We would really like each other I think... my name is also Dawn Breeze (funny right?)

Dawn Breeze said...

Hi Dawn,
Thx for your comment, I like that your going to share it with your "intention group",that encourages me. Because this piece and thought tangent was actually something I arrived at as I was developing a workshop lesson. I am currently designing a creative expression workshop series for adults in a substance abuse residence.