Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sacrifice the Cloak

Sacrifice the Cloak
collage 14" x 18"

I'm kind of stuck on fear right I was thinking that courage is the transformation of you rub two fear sticks together-or the friction of staying stuck in a form that's not authentic drives you to question what you are, and you wonder what happens if you just????? Next thing you know you started a fire out of your fear; and that is courage.
I don't know...its like the chicken and the egg...what comes first? Again back to yesterday-perhaps neither is without the other.

On another note-I've decided to make collages for a a warm up into whatever is next artistically. I think collage is like a visual poem-pulling images from the unconscious and within minutes you have a picture of your thoughts, dreams, ideas, feelings...its a very fast and informative fix.

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