Monday, April 12, 2010

studio visit

Anger; A Help In A Time Of Need

The Antics Of Quentin And Archie

Lilacs and Plums; Grandma and Grandpa

Never Saw Toys As Anything Other Then Toys

For Linda; A Favored American Setting

Here are the remaining paintings in this series. Each is 16" x 20" Acrylic Paint, Photo Collage, and Dirt on Canvas. I thought there we're 12, but apparently there are 11. That's a weird number! Maybe I'll do another?

I hung two of these this weekend at the reinstitute. A fabulous new art venue for warm weather, (its a converted barn). I am thinking of proposing something for 2011 there, its really an inspiring space.

I mentioned the titles in my previous 'We're All Dirt' post, (if you look back at the previous posts they've been added) These titles are "combines". Combining the title of the original painting (when there was one), with text that accompanied the original photographs. Thus, creating new meaning with what pre-existed. I am enchanted with the riddle of unity, or a continuous connection throughout everything.


Five and Diamond said...

Dawn, These are wonderful. I especially love the first one.

Paula said...

So lyrical.Love the layered meanings!