Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Moving with love

I thought to follow yesterdays post with another 'home' announcement, as its directly related to my art practice and life.

We have decided to sell our Germantown property.

This decision was sudden and took us by surprise but feels incredibly light and wonderful in nature. As you all know, the past two years of my life have been flooded with changes, changes that others may never experience in one life. Death, birth, new home, finances, work,etc.
During this time, I sat in what has felt like a cave of darkness, just trying to breath. After what seemed life many lifetimes, I began to see glimmers of light.
The darkness and pointed light has led to deep inward reflection. A gift.
As I sit with myself, a 33yr old-Artist, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Woman I realize that I have been running away from myself and the circumstances I've never had any control over. I have been running to achieve, to have, to be, to succeed, to be something other then who I always have been.
I have always been an artist, I have always been an intelligent, kind-hearted, creative being who loves much.
Now, I want to revel and explore the fullness of my truest self, being an artist. I want to sit with myself, looking inward and outward, expressing love.
I want to dedicate my life to my artistic practice and fill it with open space to explore, expand and love more.
So, following our hearts (its a family decision) we have decided to let go of the extra loads that demand our attention and need our care, and start again so we may be closer to our joy. We are not sure exactly whats next, possibly Italy? What I am certain of is that I will put my art in front of the line, not lastly, or when I have more money or more time.
My art will be my money, and where my time is spent.
Our beautiful dream home will go up on the market this week, as we realize our dreams:)
PS. I am a great investment, and am accepting benefactor applications:)

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