Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planted to die

I am beginning another group of planted paintings. These will be specifically planted to die. The first experimental group was received while living. I was astonished and inspired by the response. Everyone was concerned that they(the paintings) would die, and that somehow it would be their responsibility to keep the paintings alive for ever. Also, it was clear that the belief was that the paintings were only beautiful in this delicate and fresh stage of life. Well, life is always changing and dying is part of life. Its that funny thing we have no control over, just as we have no control over being born.
I am inspired to create another larger group, that will be celebrating the beauty of the plants death; the fragile ghost print they leave, as well as the living impact in my memory from the day to day nurturing activity's. Here we go part #2.
Already, I am a little nervous.
These are planted with flowers, which are not so quick to sprout, they are aprox 7.5" x 9" encaustic, paper, oil, photo transfer, silver foil, and seeds...I will keep you posted:)

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