Thursday, February 22, 2007

California Leaves

California Leaves
9" x 12"

This is a painting I did from Life, in Rancho Santa Fe, of these precious leaves I found on my second day, in that glorious sunshine! Every day I would go walking with my Mother, and come home with handfuls of California I was a botanist! But really what is probably ordinary to locals, was so divine to me, these leaves looked like hand painted feathers...I also was enthralled with the long skinny pine cones, and eucalyptus trees! I had a fabulous time, and am really excited to get back in to my studio and PAINT!
The other aspect of the Southern California Landscape I loved was the vastness of the horizon, and where the sky met the ocean, Beautiful!

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Lisa said...

This is beautiful. Wouldn't you love a dress in a print made up of these leaves? Me too! I'm always delighted by the diversity of your talent.