Sunday, February 11, 2007

Landscape sketches..2/5-2/11

So, this week I explored some new mediums, and I also did some quicky-sketches of incredible landscapes I witnessed and had to jot down. Sometimes, I look around me and just laugh at the crazy abstraction of this landscape! The other day, when I saw the river frozen, it was like looking at miles of quartz crystals, and in the sky, god sent two neon orange clouds floating by the velvet blue ribbons of mountains...starkly scratched with ink black tree lines! I also, am loving the glaring metallic ice, that shimmers through the black trees....nature/life is amazing!
In addition to the tomato's, and these three sketches, I completed two "Portfolio" pieces,two large scale paintings. I will only be showing my "portfolio" pieces on my website, ( and I will only post sketch book, process and practice paintings on this blog. I like the idea of defining the two web locations and I will update all you subscribers when I post a new painting to my website. (Which I've just done!) I will be going on a little vacation to sunny southern California tomorrow, so i will not be posting for a week...but when i get back, I'm sure I'll be full of refreshed colors and creative energy!

1. Starry Sky 9" x 12" Mixed Medium on Canvas
2. Neon Clouds 15" x 16" Mixed Medium on Paper
3. Citrus Grass 15" x 16" Mixed Medium, Encaustic, on Paper
* All three of these have reflective metallic paint, that is not visible in these photos

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