Monday, February 26, 2007

California Colors and Inspirations

So here is some experimental work I've been up to all weekend. I honestly have been locked up in my studio doing 6hr straight x 2 days of experimenting...its been like a toxic science classroom!!! I am not satisfied yet, but I'm exhausted...and I'm realizing something about myself, which is that I'm constantly looking for a challenge, as soon as I've gotten good at something I abandon it for a new process. Honestly, that sums up most of my life experience, but as I'm maturing ( oh my god I'm almost 30!!!), I'm more aware of "patience" and "diligence".So, that being said, since ultimately its my goal to really continue improving my craft, I realize that while I'm in hot pursuit of the next process, I should still be working on the other I will cool off a little for the rest of the week and go back to some practice of older techniques, which should be a welcome friend.

PS. Both of these landscapes, are memories inspired by trip last week, and as you can see, they are a very different color pallet for me.

1. California Sky
Mixed Media
20" x 24"

2. California Drive By
Mixed Media
12" x 48"

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