Sunday, April 05, 2015

I Wish, Ask Anything
I have begun an ongoing art project that needs your input.  Can you please share 30 seconds of your time by answering 3 simple questions--without over thinking this 100% anonymous survey that I created.  Then if you feel inspired to share it with others, please do!  The more answers, the more wishes collected, the more material for the project.  I will announce more about this project later...but for now I am collecting these wishes and these answers and all will be shared back at some later point in a public manner, ALL responses are 100% anonymous, even from me--so be free of concern of what anyone thinks.  Please kindly share your three answers with this small but important survey. As of today I have around 100 responses via facebook and I would love to quadruple that, or quindripple that or zadoople times quadzillion times that!

Here is the direct link to the survey if you want to copy and paste and share anywhere. THANK YOU.

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