Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Spirit Moves Through

The Spirit Moves Through, 2014
Styrofoam, Gold, Ash, Clothing, Acrylic

There have been many snow days, many hard days.  There have also been studio days.  Some of which I was certain affirmed my diarrhea abilities as an artist and others that affirmed that all I wanted to do and be was in those four walls.  Yo-yo times.
Perhaps I think, feel, lament and talk so much about fear because I am so engaged in it.  I think being in dialogue with it I am also in dialogue with courage.  Courage is not painless, its full of agony!  Courage takes your hand and walks you through the glass sharded gates of fear in to the unknown, scraping all your uncertainty raw.  Then when you get through those gates you may still have lingering vulnerability, which no one can take away from just have to wait to see if the sky falls or opens.  Eventually those blue skys open within, expanding you with courage to do it all over again.  Compassion does nurse the wounds well.  We should all have buttons attached to a direct line of compassion, like an opiate drip.  PUSH NOW, MORE SELF-COMPASSION PLEASE.

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