Monday, January 20, 2014

Sitting with what is on the other side

Large painted walls (4'x8') plaster, fabric, cans, chairs, acrylic
I am up to some big work in my studio.  These are large 'wall'-paintings-sculptures-installation.  These works are combining many of my interests and skills.  These are all still in progress and are quite a challenge to document in my small studio.   As I continue to progress I will show you more...

What is in my mind:
Communicating, alternate realities, the unknown and unseen, a life lived, holding space's, rooms, history, her-story, spirit, cloth, impermanence, the elements.

I am experiencing so much tension in this work...the tension in creating something new and still much discipline and dedication to the inspiration do I stay faithful to, how much do I allow to happen vs. intend to happen, the wholeness of the piece requires patience and persistence, when I already have new ideas calling me...I have decided to give myself some limits with this and and see what happens within them.  This requires a higher level of discipline for myself because my nature is already wanting to break my boundaries.  But I am curious to see if I stay within a boundary and do the best I can within it, while allowing all the energy that wants to break out go in to the next work, perhaps I can go deeper.  I suppose it's like learning to ride a horse.  I'm the type who gets on the horse has no idea how to ride it, then see's a motorcycle zip by and I jump off the horse and on to the motorcycle and then I see a spaceship..etc. etc.  I don't think there is anything "wrong" with this, in fact I am getting such a wonderful experience in life by this kind of exploration...but I am curious if I stay on the horse for while and let the motorcycle go on its way what will happen next on the horse?  Its a whole other adventure.

Looking from one to the other
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I'm smitten with this one

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