Monday, May 20, 2013

Materials: Their story

 (these are new paintings on handmade watercolor paper, using lilacs, dirt, acrylic paint)
I have been noticing a shift of process or conscious perception in the approach to my work lately.  We grow at such slow speeds that often we don't even get the chance to see it, but I am aware of a difference in how I see and my relationship to chosen materials.  

Right now I am very interested in the story, essence, or spirit of the materials used in creating something.  I am  interested in the space between the paper and the paint, the way the light moves it, the information it suggests.  I feel that the paper is deserving of its "importance" its not simply a convenient background for a picture, but rather in itself a precious object, created from living matter in a particular way, coming to its own resting place and all of this is of value and consideration to the viewing experience...its as if everything has at least 3 meanings, as certain phrases do...they are poems with many subtle whispers.  I also feel that I am almost seeing two dimensional things as three dimensional with another dimension of meaning...layers and layers.....

And lastly, I am curious about working within a boundary of 3, (until I don't want to do that anymore!) meaning to consider 3 elements-3 choices....

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