Monday, February 18, 2013

Be like water

Untitled 5. (Red Specimen) 2012 embossed monoprint

I have recently uploaded new 2012 work to my website, including a special section of paintings titled 'Connection' which for a limited time I will be offering for sale online.   You can click on each image and it can be purchased with paypal.  These are smaller works on paper that can easily be shipped anywhere in the US as well internationally. 

I also want to share this video clip from Bruce Lee where we talks about style and form.  I really love his take on expression. We are always grasping for definition of styles as artists to better explain ourselves. We only then end up having to dismantle our stifling self inflicted confinement to an artistic category. We need to allow ourselves the permission to be our broadest definition of artist and "be like water."

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