Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer Rose

Summer Rose
72" x 60"
Acrylic, Oil, Kimono, Blanket, Flowers, Yarn, Oil Crayon
I completed another painting, which like the last one I showed I actually started 2 years ago.  I am very pleased with this painting and am having a wonderful experience with its large size.  Paintings this large have many impressions to feel and observe.  There is the first impression at a distance that begins to change as you move closer to the painting.  When you sit (or stand) and stare at the work,  it starts shifting as you become engaged in certain particulars of the painting.  With each area of focus new emotions arise, there are so many layers to become absorbed in.
 (Just to show you the scale)
Yesterday I visited the clothing installation-the grass is beginning to grow and buds are forming.  It was interesting to finish this painting and then go see my installation becuase I saw a relationship to the colors and motion between the painting and the installation.  I think we are always working the same investigation unconsiously.  We repeat ourselves in different forms and each variance perhaps holds a clue to a deeper understanding to questions we are not even aware we are asking.
Below are pictures of my installation and reflections yesterday.
 (Reflections in the stream)

(Detail of painting)

(My Sunny helper)

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