Monday, December 12, 2011

Up in the air?

 Delivered (detail), 2011
Swan feather, hand knit silver thread, 35 pairs of paper hands

I am working on a NYFA grant application.  I am struggling with the selection of 8 images that best represent a specific body of work, my category being multi-disciplinary.  I want to submit my handmade project, I am wrestling with this application and keep changing my image choices.  I find this to be one of the most difficult aspects of "getting the work out there", tirelessly submitting images of completed work in a limited context that rarely receives feedback beyond a yes or no.  I often know the work is good, but how to express a varied body in 8 cohesive images without being redundant or too varied?  I think I could easily do this for another artist, I could be their critical eye, but to be one's own?  When your wrapped up in the meaning of your work & personal significance it gets cloudy.  Each of these applications consumes a good amount of energy and time, yet it feels as much a gamble of chance as winning the lottery.  Maybe the answer is spending the $1 on the lottery and the days in the studio? 

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