Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Your Invited

 Pieces from the installation: Finding my existence.
 Floor in my studio

 Two Wall Drawings from Iceland and sculpture 'Delivered'

You are invited:

1. Please come watch my short film at the Catskill movie theatre Jan. 29th, it will be presented as one of 32 short films in an exciting film festival that is free and open to the public.   I am so excited to see it on the big screen, holymoly!  Also, I am very happy because all my wonderfully talented collaborators will probably be there, (Claudia Frank/Director, Katie Greaves/DP, Alexander Turnquist/Music) and we will be available for Q&A.  And shamelessly I admit, I am especially pleased that my video still is on the poster!  Whoo-Hooo!

2. I have set up my studio and have been hosting private studio visits.  I am sharing select pieces from Iceland.  You are welcome to contact me to make an appointment.  The visits so far have been tremendously helpful and informative for me.  Having feedback and direct communication with other people about my artwork after being so solitary for quite a while has been  wonderful!  Its funny because I treasure my alone time and making artwork without distraction but there is a place for connecting with others that is so valuable.  Choosing the life as a working artist means that there are no office Xmas parties, pats on the back for jobs well done(unless your patting your own back in some yoga pose), promotions-validating your worth from a job well done....I suppose there are all these things but just differently.  When your isolated from others your at your own mercy, critic, boss, worker...your everything and it can become a lonely and fragile working environment. ( Of course it also is illuminated and divine.) In any case, I appreciate the recent studio visits and it makes me think that even this form of communication (blogging) with you, the outside infinite world helps me feel connected.  I make art to connect; to connect with my source of creation, to connect with all that has passed before me, to connect with you and all of life now and to connect with what will be after me. Sharing my art is a crucial element of the life of the art and me the artist.  Thank you for participating.

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