Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fragile and strong

On my walk yesterday I tried to sink my feet into the asphalt-admitedly it did look a little wavy when I looked down, maybe next time I'll go further?

I was so taken and inspired by the incredible force and strength of this fragile plant, to have the audacity to push the asphalt aside and grow up towards the light. A plant that is so fragile that it squishes and breaks between my fingers at the slightest tug, yet it's strong enough to break stone?

It made me think how the desire, the innate desire to grow drew the will of this one seed up-up-up through the darkness, against reason and probability into another universe. I'm sure many seeds where tarred over and just a few pushed up through the asphalt, what made them unique?

And how is it that I know this plant is fragile and I can break it and I know the asphalt is too strong for me to break?

Maybe what we think we know is what limits us?

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