Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Found: My existence

Me looking through my final installation at Baer; "Found: My existence"

I just posted about this installation on my Iceland blog www.eylenda.blogspot.com I recommend visiting the site to see more pictures and information. It is one of my favorite pieces I've ever made!

I'm back in NY. Still swirling. I have lots of work left to complete-mostly writing and photography. I am wondering how do I integrate a life changing experience into the "normal" I had before? Its funny to observe how I am reluctant to open back to my life here, just as I was reluctant to open to the newness of Iceland. I suppose we are always in battle with life's constant: Change. Perhaps with continued experience change will become welcome with every breath. I do still feel madly enchanted and in love with nature and today on my first walk since Iceland, I found magic here as well.

Me during my final studio presentation.

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