Wednesday, May 04, 2011


a. Flowers strewn outside of the castle of Princess Diana when she died
b. Muslims Praying in front of the temple in Palenstine

Prayer Bomb
a. Children praying on the 1st anniversary of Pearl Harbor 12/1941
b. School Children have a bomb drill 11/1951

Field Flowers
a. Jim Jones suicide at the Peoples Temple
b. Poppies of the field (Palestine Lillies)

I want to share some recent collages. These I actually made about a month ago, which now seems strangely time appropriate with the royal wedding and the death of Osama Bin Laden.

I had an incredible vision of inspiration during a yoga pose-child's posture, which lead me to these images. As I was laying in the posture, which is all about surrendering with your head bowed to the floor, I felt myself covered in grace. I saw grace. This vision had me looking up other images of 'surrender' which before you knew it had me looking at dead bodies. There was something so beautiful and haunting about the body without the breath of life strewn on the ground....and when I told my husband what I was inspired by and what I wanted to paint-I think he got a little scared and said "Enough with death, just paint flowers again"...which inadvertently was the clue to the connection and these images....because for me there is nothing different from us (humans) then the flowers of the field...which reminded me of the scripture about being like the Lillie's of the field( I was raised pretty fundamental christian FYI) When I tried to google search it what shocked me was the same scripture had 18 versions in English with 8 parallel translations...some where trying to persuade one to understand exactly what type of Lilly the scripture was speaking of -which they argued was a poppy in Palestine, others just said grass of the field...etc. etc. and we wonder why we fight? But anyway here is one version:
" If that is how god clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you-you of little faith?" Matt 6:30
I think what is so powerful about these images is the connection about worship, faith and the similarity between what are complete opposites...and that ultimately we are all fighting and wanting the same thing-to be blanketed in grace "oh we of little faith" perhaps its more like "blind faith" that doesn't recognize that we are all flowers of this field on earth....

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