Sunday, May 01, 2011

Springing in to

My Magnolia is Blooming, Spring has Sprung

My NEW backyard studio!!!! Stay tuned for an inaugural celebration (June or July)
Already working on new paintings before I'm set excited and so eager to paint again!

The energy of the spring is full of new possibility, ripe with birth. The energy is intoxicating and exhilarating for me, I just want to jump into NEW, NOW!!!! It has been almost a month since my last post. A month full of making preparations for new work, by completing older and ongoing projects. The one thread that persisted through the month was discipline. In order to feel more open to whats ahead I knew I needed to bring my ongoing projects to a resting place if not complete them. I have to say that sticking to these longer projects is challenging for me, patience is slightly an underdeveloped muscle. I think even the traditional oil painting class helped me with this. I did not really enjoy painting in that manner-full of technical and craft decisions-rights and wrongs, somewhat boring still life's on small canvas's....but there was the discipline of showing up weekly because I committed, there was staying with the focus for 3.5hrs this strengthened me. It was in a way a meditation, to really slow down enough to see all the colors, to take the time to mix them before applying, to follow a slow and steady rhythm. I gained some discipline. I also gained a freedom because I am no longer afraid of the medium, so in turn I am little more liberated!
The reward of seeing out the bigger visions of these works is strengthening my scope of possibility. I suppose its giving me more courage, because I am learning that I can trust my willingness to go the distance.
Below are some images of the ongoing projects of 2010 and 2011, some of which I have not even mentioned in this blog because they were just seeds-now some are seedlings, flowering, or re-seeding-all of which I am very proud of.


1.cre·a·tiv·i·ty-I developed an ongoing workshop series that I will begin facilitating later this season, for an Adult Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility.

2. Running Still -A short film I wrote and have been working collaboratively with my dear and very talented friend Claudia Frank (Director/Producer/Co-Editor) We are very close to finishing it! YAH!!!!!!

3. Garbage Girl -A modern fairytale I wrote and have been illustrating. This book has been shelved for the time being and will most likely resume this fall after Iceland. I would like to turn this in to a crossover book-a book that is an 'artist' book, children's book and coffee table book.
4. Sunny -My sunshine.

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