Friday, May 13, 2011

Beautiful Day

My sweet sweet little studio- I chose the color for the door when I found this old bucket of paint in the basement and the title was "Pretty Dawn" I'm a total sucker for titles and coincidence. I may change it, I don't know yet

I am so in love...... with my studio, with my studio schedule, with my life as an artist at this moment, so much so that I am also in love with everything all around me. I am so in love.


This morning I put some makeshift curtains/bug screens/light diffusers for the studio windows by cutting up some sheer curtains and stapling them to my "painless" windows. Tomorrow a photographer is coming to shoot a portrait for a series of artist portraits that she's working on-should be fun:)

I went on a studio visit in Athens, NY with the artist Andrew Dupont. It turns out I have been an admirer of his work and recently just met him, which was a happy surprise when I discovered he was the painter of these juicy paintings!!! I enjoy studio visits so much-listening to someones process, thoughts, inspirations, looking at their studios and the life that surrounds them. It's honey. Last month I went on a studio visit with the artist Tim Ebneth; same inspiring. I think I will aim to make it a regular practice.Twinkle Lumberland , oil and enamel on masonite, 24x24 inches, 2008 by Andrew Dupont

Then I jetted to a property in Pallenville, NY to look at a site for a possible installation for a friends wedding party. She asked me to do something, she said she was thinking of me with blankets...obviously she's psychic because I had already been collecting blankets for an installation! We'll see....Possible Installation site......

On my way home to pick up Sunny I spotted a dream truck....had a burrito from a seasonal shack and now I'm headed up the road to an opening for Judy Pfaff's Bard art class.....its all so good right now!Dreams on Wheels

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