Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Word

Love-to give to you!
Masaro Emoto's water molecule when exposed to "I Love You"

I just received my new business cards!!!! After contemplating what image would best describe my current work, I decided that perhaps a word (or few) would be better suited and I decided to create an art project with my new business cards. Each card is printed with a different word selected from my artist statement on one side and the other side is printed with my contact information. There is so much power in a word-just one word evokes an idea, a feeling a memory or personal thought. The reader absorbs the significance of that word in their own personal context and then has a personal meditation based one that unique relationship in that moment. Each card is printed differently (actually, I only chose 32 words for this printing) drawing a card is a bit like a tarot draw, what you select will be special to you.
I believe that there is immense power in a word, even on a physical level. I am interested in the studies on water molecules by Masuro Emoto he claims that water molecules actually become more beautiful or ugly depending on the words they are exposed to. It is far out, but why not? Just think about how you respond when someone tells you: "You are beautiful" or "I love you" don't you feel that physically? I certainly do-just those words cause me to turn crimson, get tingly and smile. I am really thrilled about this art project its such a fun way to spread love!
I love you
Happy Valentines Day

A selection of my new business cards/art project/Love Word!


heydeho said...

Love! How beautiful and peaceful these cards are...thank you.

Dawn Breeze said...

"Infinite" a perfect draw:)