Friday, February 25, 2011

Beggar Of The Sun

Beggar of the sun

I yearn to to be the mad fool.
To dance wildly with those who sing their truth
bearing their hearts to the sun.

This pain, the weight of a secret mind
Shame an iron gown

I am afraid to tell the guard
“Unlock the gate!”
I am afraid I will meet loneliness

Will the mind in all its evil trickery lead me to or away from love?

Imprisoned in this glass house
I see distorted visions
My heart hides the key, fearing willfulness.

Why look at blurry possibilities?
Why not look in?
Asking; “How did these people and things join me?”
Or perhaps I joined them.
Is this my house?
Or maybe there is no glass, no gate, no guard, no inside, no outside.

A glint of sun, all is changed.
Another reflection.

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