Friday, July 16, 2010

Press Release!

For Immediate release: Deffebach Gallery presents “Finding Joy,”
a solo show of paintings, photographs and installations by Dawn Breeze.

In this intensely personal solo show, artist Dawn Breeze presents paintings, photographs and installations exploring such weighty topics as suicide, mental illness and societal attitudes toward both. Surprisingly, the results are anything but dark, in fact, there is a joyful, (if fragile) exuberance to the collection.

In 2008, Breeze's beloved sister ended her life. Soon after, still reeling from the loss, Breeze began to explore her sister's death in the only way she knew how - through her art. Abstract paintings suggest brightly colored flowers, or markers buried in snow. An installation piece, made of her sister's dresses or, "shells" as Breeze calls them, is an ethereal reminder of the things we all leave behind - as well as the magic and beauty of being a girl. A large-scale photograph of another clothing sculpture surrounded by farm land brings to mind Mongolian prayer shrines.
The through-line connecting them all is Breeze’s determined search for beauty through despair. Together, the pieces are challenging without being abrasive or aggressively confrontational.

Dawn Breeze lives in Germantown, NY with her husband, designer Gianni Iacono and their young son Sunny. This is her first solo show.

Opening reception: August 7, from 6 to 8 p.m.. Show runs through September 20.
Deffebach Gallery, 135 Warren Street, Hudson, NY, 12534.
p 518 . 828 . 2222

For press requests, please contact the artist directly at:, or 917 . 622 . 5141.

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