Thursday, December 10, 2009

And so here I am.....

Hi....its been awhile since I've posted. I have been in a place of stillness or stagnation depending on the mood of the day. I have not begun any new art projects because I have been waiting for my studio to renovated. This place of non-doing has not been very comfortable. I can only enjoy ideas in my head for so long before I feel stir crazy. I am eager to be working, to be making....but I believe that it is in these darker quieter moments that seeds germinate and we just have to trust that we are still creating, its all happening inside. Below are pictures of what I have seen in the last couple weeks. I have been keeping my camera with me in the car, and it has been fun to stop and document what I see along the way.
My good friend and fellow artist Gretchen Kelly posted an interview with me on her blog, GKsuniverse. She has been doing a monthly artist interview, which I have greatly enjoyed reading and was thrilled to be included. One of things I enjoy so much about her interviews is the unique perspective she has of artists and their environments. I invited her to my house to take her own pictures and also allowed her to select any images she wanted of my personal and art portfolio. I was greatly surprised by the work she chose to show as most of it is representational and they are much older pieces. However, this is exactly what I like about her blog...its hers! She shows you a side of me from her perspective, one that is playful, colorful, and figurative....check it out, gksuniverse and check out her great artwork at

This is soon to be my backyard studio, we hope to have it renovated to a working level by mid January. HURRAY 2010!!!!!!

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