Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wings fell from the sky

This is soooooooo unbelievable!

I just was driving to pick Sunny up, and drove past the field where my sculpture, Free Now was. There were police cars by the road and I was wondering what happened...I looked up to the hill, and there lying upside down was this plane!!!!

I rushed home to get my camera, freaking out!!!! When I returned ( like 10 minutes ago) the farmer was there, and he told me the story.

The pilot bought this plane yesterday, today was his first flight in it from Vermont. It started to stop reading the fuel and the plane wasn't getting any almost crashed in to the road, but then picked up the fuel again to go up a bit, but then the fuel broke again, and he crashed in to the field!!!! BUT HE ONLY CUT HIS FINGER!!!!!!!

I just can't believe another pair of wings fell from the sky at this location!

(By the way I am first to publish these photo's...the press were just getting there when I took these, so you will see it again tomorrow in the newspaper, this really did just happen!)

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