Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Free Now (at night) by Jess Puglisi
Thank you friends who have shared your beautiful words and images with me this week...its amazing to be adorned with your gifts. I am honored and encouraged by your interest and enthusiasm in my art.

I often look skyward too.
To the clouds when they are there.
To the pure colors of the air when they are not.
To experience the ever-changing nature heavenward.

The sky does not remain still.
Not even one fragment of a second.
Even in its quieter moments, turmoil.
It is always on the move.

And to the river.
There is never the same river.
Moment to moment it renews.
Every particle, branch, wave, current.

Sometimes flowing up.
Sometimes down.
Sometimes stalled.
Choked with ice chunks.

Often serene, so still, glass-like.
Reflective of the sky especially at sunset.
It catches fire around twilight even in winter.
Earth, river and sky too all ember-lit.

Like hearts.
Yours, mine, all of ours.
Churning, burning, icy, reflective.
Always on the move.

And its ships.
Silly, colorful, laden, determined.
Gliding up, sliding back down.
Heading to all kinds of places in the world.

Like my dreams.
Effortlessly hard at work.
Chugging along.

I enjoy my daily doses of you.

Thank You For The Sky-Peter Barton 11/3/09

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