Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shrine of Summers Shells

Shrine of Summers Shells

The 'Shrine of Summer Shells' is a monument showing the beautiful shells my sister left behind.

This piece is created using my sisters clothing, and her collected sea shells. Her clothing collection is in itself a beautiful body of art. Amassed during her life, each piece holds story's, memories, smells and visual clues in to her radiant spirit.
Her bedroom was always a jewel box, with precious bits of beauty exquisitely displayed.
On top of her dresser she created an incredible alter of jewels to wear, along with bejeweled picture frames of loved ones, shells, seeds and feathers. This alter would frame her face when she looked in to the mirror, reflecting back her beauty including all that she loved and admired .


Jimmy said...

This about made me cry

Conamore Alexander said...

This is so beautiful! Wow, Bird Girl is churning out some amazing work.

I love the contrast of the stark room with the overflowing beauty and colors of the clothes. It makes me think of how the orderliness of the drawers can't contain the wildness and creativity within. It's all coming out into the blinding brightness of the room, where the drawers were really quite dark and stuffy. I can almost see the clothes flying out of the drawers, or popping out. Conversely I can also see them being stuffed back in but not being able to fit. There is nothing tidy about this. I love it! Yeah Bird Girl!

hallie said...

This is even more beautiful and moving to me than the film portion. When I think of all the love I put into each of my treasures/dresses... the story of how I found each one... If you went through my drawers you could create a timeline of who I've been.
Thank you Dawn.